The Virtual Reality of Ideas

It could be that Ideas* exist in the cosmos, arrive through the agency of angels and take form according to our perceptions.

In these images red haloed entities bear energetic black marks representing ideas with a small i. They seem to assume a life of
their own 'Gathering' themselves together or being tossed about in a 'Brainstorm'. These black marks can be transformed into
lines that depict dreams as in 'Jacob's Ladder' or thoughts as in 'Farmed Salmon'. Eventually under too much analysis and
examination the ideas dwindle, become dots as in 'Lookout', 'Look In' and 'Disappear'.

*idea, n. an archetype of the manifold varieties of existence in the universe, belonging to the supersensible world. (Platonic)

These images are macrophotos of acrylic sculptures by Craig Beal