Image Informed

'Image Informed' is an exhibition of photomontages influenced by ideas from Hermeticism to Hegel to Marshal Macluhan.

To be informed is to receive and incorporate data, perhaps to attain substance that enhances. When a crayon drawing is laid on a photograph and rendered transparent, line and form merge. There is a meeting of energy and object, the thought and the thing.

In Bent Metal the pervasive energy of the drawing creates the appearance of folded cloth when it informs the photograph of creased aluminum. An image of a white rose embedded with a free form, colourful drawing becomes a figure in a distant view of Dancer II

In this age of information the opposing stance between the real (facts) and the ideal (imagination) can alter through a heartfelt union.

Leo Tolstoy says, art is a conversation between lovers in his book What is Art. Inherent in this idea is the potential for art to generate change, to inspire communion.